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What are the 3 main components that affect your health related fitness?

Both physical fitness and mental fitness come under the health related fitness. If you are physically fit but not mentally then, it does not mean that your body is overall fit or healthy. For ensuring the metal fitness of your body, you need to ensure that your body is functioning well. For providing strength to your mind, you need to eat the right stuff and add exercise in your everyday routine. Remember, whether it is physical fitness or mental fitness, both are correlated with each other. So, in order to work on your health related fitness, you need to work on both these types of fitness.

Why do you need to maintain the physical fitness of your body?

People who are physically fit are more active as compared to the people who are not. If you are a person who is mentally and physically fit then, it will become very easy for you to balance all the ups and downs of your life. You can easily maintain the weight of your body; improve the quality of your lifestyle, and ensure a healthy and fit life free from diseases.

Fitness and health play an important role in your life

Numerous people are suffering from serious health issues and mental problems. And the main reason behind this problem is the hectic working schedule and the lack of physical activities. Well, with the changing lifestyle and hectic working schedule, it becomes really very important to show more concern towards physical activities and eating habits that affect the health related fitness.

Without physical activities and a proper diet, there is no way through which you can achieve a fit and healthy body. You need to maintain a proper diet plan and exercise schedule for ensuring a fit body.

Nutritional, physical, and physiological are the three main aspects that affect your health related fitness.


If you want to improve your health then, you need to give priority to a healthy and proper nutritional diet. Your body requires minerals, fat, protein, vitamin, fibers, and more other essential components for proper functioning. Also, by taking proper diet, you can easily promote or improve the immune system of your body that keeps your body safe from harmful or serious diseases like heart problems, respiratory problems, obesity and more.


A fit body is very much important for living a quality life. People who exercise daily have a better lifestyle as compared to the people who don’t. By performing physical activities on a daily bases, you can improve the blood flow of your body, increase the strength of your bones and muscles, and ensure more flexibility of your body.  According to your body requirements, you can perform specific exercises like stretching, cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and so on.


Give proper rest to your body and mind for improving the overall fitness of your body. By providing proper rest to your body, you can easily increase the efficiency and functioning of your body. So, take sufficient sleep that promotes both your physical and mental fitness.

These are the 3 essential components that affect the overall fitness level of your body. Keep your body fit and add healthy food and physical activities in your daily routine.

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